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15M Rugged UHF Reader Android Handheld Long Range Portable RFID Reader


Product Description


UHF Scanner SMB02H

—Management for electronic entity ID,tobacco, fabric,warehouse logistics,factory purchse-sell-stock, property

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* Good universality:universal for 5-8 inch cellphone /pad

* High performance of UHF reading ability, supports 6B & 6C protocol, reads long distance UHF labels, also supports multiple labels reading.

* Serveral function optional: standard accessory UHF RFID optional 1D/2D scanner head,IrDA metering, glare flashlight,etc.

* Serveral status indicator:builtin LED, buzzer

* Fast and efficient software integration:offer jar packet to call, finish client software integration, also provide port jar packet.

* Intelligent management:low power consumption , sleep after no peration over 30 minutes, trigger to awake.

* Double battery standby:eqiup with 2 6Ah polymer battery, last for 4 to 8 hours.

* Metal casing with handle:easy to handle, good for heat dissipation,durable

* With charger pedestal: charge 2 battery at the same time.

* RS485 communication:compliant for RS485 port standard, RS232/RS485 standard of EIA/TIA and request of anti-interference DL/T614-2007


 Scanner Performance:          


Working Frequency 860-960MHz (including GX:902Mhz~928MHz; EU: 865-868MHz) Supporting Protocol EPC Global ISO18000-63(former ISO18000-6C & ISO18000-6B) Output Power 0-33dBM Output Power Accuracy +/-1dB Output Power Gain +/-0.2dB Receiving Sensibility <-85dBm Read distance 3-15m(complian to request of class NO. 5 label reading distance) Read lable peak value speed >200pcs/second Antenna 3dbi or 4dbi cicular polarization antenna Option 1D/2D scan, IrDA metering, glare flashligh Serveral status notice LED display,buzzer, power and charger indicator Battery Removeable 6000mAh polymer battery Unique patent achieved structure universal for 5-8 inch cellphone /pad

No limit for device type, clip to fix

Unique patent design, no risk of right violation, patent number: 201420057128.7


UHF Scanner SMB02H 1.jpg


  Multi-function combination, select and extend based on project request.       


Scanning engine Symbol/Moto/Zerba,Honeywell,Newland RFID UHF(915MHz) ,LF(125KHz) ,HF(13.56MHz) IrDA Compliant for 97/07 metering statute IR communication Support 97/07 electronic statute Metering function 1D/2D + HF or UHF RFID + IrDA+glare light LED Temp&humidity barometer detect real-time temp&humidity and air pressure Laser and IR measuring distance accurately measure distance among different objects RS485 Compliant for RS485 port standard,RS232/RS485 standard of EIA/TIA and request of anti-interference DL/T614-2007


  Fast & efficient software integration           

Bluetooth port Java packet calling | intergration within one day | Save from integration difficulty and wasting time.



  Long time operating and standby         

Builtin Battery: optional to equip two 6000mAh lithium battery

Working Time: 1D/2D: scan one time per second, continously working over 72 hours.

UHF: Continue to read card over 4 to 8 hours.



   Excellent holding feeling, good heat dissipation,durable      

   Colloidal particle molded plastic, metal casing              


   Components Instruction:         







  Application Scenarios       

Electronic entity ID property management, electronic mobile working management,tobacco management, clothes purchase-sell-stock management, property management, warehouse and logistics, production,fair entrance verify, airplane security goods counting, and so on.


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