9dBi UHF RFID antenna RFID 860-940MHz Circularly polarized antenna waterproof


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  BRA-01CR type antenna


Product features and features

   Electrical performance: Universal antenna for UHF RFID applications with high gain, low VSWR, and more. Mechanical properties: beautiful appearance, small, using waterproof ring and silicone double waterproof design, shell using reinforced rib design, suitable for you to use in harsh environments.



Main use and application scope

 The BRA-01CR antenna can be conveniently used in RFID applications such as access control, warehousing, logistics, and retailing in UHF bands.




Frequency range: 860MHz ~ 940MHz

Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.3:1

Gain:> 9dBi

H side HPBW: 70°

E side HPBW: 70°

Polarization: Circular polarization

Relative humidity: 5% to 95%

Input impedance: 50 Ω

Connector type: N-50KFD (N type female thread)


Mechanical index

Size: 258mm×258mm×56mm

 Weight: 0.91kg (without bracket)

 Material: Engineering plastic ASA, aluminum

 Color: milky white

 Protection class: IP67

Working temperature: -40°C~+ 85°C

 Storage temperature: -40°C~+ 85°C



The performance of BRA-01CR antenna and a famous foreign antenna



Some foreign famous antenna disadvantages include:

1, not waterproof.

2, the use of PC material shell can not be used outdoors.

3, side feed is easy to break the line.

4, their floor is iron, galvanized iron, easy to rust.

5, screw is imperial not universal.

6. No antenna mount is standard.


BRA-01CR antenna advantages include:

1, waterproof IP67 or more, and even double waterproof.

2, using high quality ASA material suitable for outdoor use.

3, shell reinforced with Wei Wei design, higher strength, and the thickness of the shell thickness 0.2mm

4, the use of back-fed joints securely fixed, and the use of a sincere electronic connector.

5. The bottom plate adopts sandblasted anodic oxidation, which has beautiful appearance and rust prevention.

6, screw is the national standard, versatility.

7, standard antenna holder.


BRA-01CR antenna can be installed on steal framed structure or bracket by own antenna bracket, and connect with readers with coaxial line.

 The antenna can be installed horizontally or vertically,it is decided by installation location, the angle can be adjusted after installation according to the real environment.

Antenna bracket is an optional accessory, you can choose according to your special reuirement.






Common problems and precautions


The MT-AF-01CR antenna is a circularly polarized directional antenna. When using it, it is necessary to adjust the tilt of the antenna to obtain

Best read performance.

The T-AF-01CR antenna can be used outdoors but is not suitable for use in acid/alkaline environments.



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