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ZG100USB Long Range UHF RFID Reader


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ZG100USB is one kind of USB UHF Destop RFID Reader. It is very easy to use and no need to install driver. With Korea importing chip inside, it performs very steadily and sensitively.


Raysco company is a professional RFID Reader supplier. We have our own lab and R&D technicians. Our tech team have more than 10 year’s experience in researching rfid reader.

We not only offer before sales tech support, but also serve you after sales all the time.




1. Brief Introduction

ZG100USB-U is a high performance UHF reader with ISO1800-6C(EPC C1G2) protocol, which is combine with Efficient electronic tag collision processing algorithm ,radio technology. The reader is Very anti jamming and Continuous work on electricity, not only it can maintain a high literacy rate, but also can deal with the Fast reading / writing of RFID products.


2. Application

Widely use for Logistic, personal identification, Conference registration system, Access control system, Anti-fake, Anti-theft, Access management , Property management, etc.

3. Feature

1)     Interface mode: support USB interface, can work very convenient and fast when plug to the USB;

2)     Voice prompt: The reader provides voice prompts when it is in successful operation about the RFID tags;

3)     Power Indicator: The red LED is the power supply indicator;

4)     Read and write tag ’s data: The data field of each partition of reader readable and writable label;

5)     Development interface: supply dynamic library (DLL) and support the secondary development ;

6)     Development platform:Windows2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8;

7)     Development case : Provide demo.


4. Parameter

1)     Voltage : USB Power (5V), no need extra voltage;

2)     Power : <2 watts.;

3)     Work Frequency: 902—928MHz( can be adjust for different frequency depending on different countries);

4)     Protocol: EPC C1 GEN2/ISO 18000-6C;

5)     Output Power: More than 8dBm( can be adjust);

6)     Read range: Antenna is inside, read range is more than 80cm, write range is more than 40cm;

7)     External interface: Support USB1.1;

8)     Communication mode: Support Virtual serial working mode ,USB HID, No drive method and the option of no flooding simulation keyboard ;

9)     Working temperature:-10~+60°C;

10)   Storage temperature:-25~+80°C;

11)   Operating humidity : less than 90%(non – refrigerated )




Successful cases for ZG100USB.  (For Car sales record system)



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